In order to carry out this team playing activity, we need to make groups of three or four students. Once the groups are organized, we hand out to each group a collection of colorful pieces of paper with a reference to a different balance sheet element on each one, such as furniture, lots, short-term investments, share capital or long-term loans. With that, group members have to think over and put the pieces of paper in the right order to build up a company┬┤s balance sheet. Once a team thinks they have it right, team members raise their hands and the teacher checks if the balance sheet is right or wrong.
The first team building the balance sheet up correctly is the winning team. To make the activity easier, the teacher can allow each group a number of attempts. In addition, in order to encourage students to speak English, teams can ask a number of questions as hints, as long as they do it in English.

Here are several pictures about the activity carried out recently with First Year Travel Agency training Course.

Foto0153.jpgFoto0155.jpg Foto0156.jpgFoto0158.jpg Foto0160.jpg